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Meetings or Calendar Gantt View in odoo

With Generic Gantt View Feature


Gantt View In Odoo

In odoo there was gantt view available in v8 and before but in v9 onward it is not available any more.

Gantt View is very helpful if we want to schedule multiple works easily. Mostly in long-term project's work scheduling it is very useful to avoid conflicts and overlapping of work. Perfect work sheduling can give you better result and project can be completed in time.


Gantt View

 In gantt view you can drag and shedule your works to avoid overlapping. you can add new records also directly from gantt view.

                                                                                    Meetings Gantt View. By default Groupby User

Odoo Gantt view on Meeting

Just install this module to add gantt view on odoo Manufacturing views. Not any extra configurations required.

For customization & help ContactUS or  get this module From Odoo App Store.